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Positive Change Program - Inspired Intention

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How to Flourish and Thrive in all areas of your life.
This unique one on one program via Zoom/Skype we will delve deep, allowing you to make transformational changes and assisting you to create positive habits that resonate and work for you.
We will explore the FIVE PILLARS in detail in our one on one sessions:
Organization / Declutter / Cleanse 
These areas are essential to address when making new changes in our life and improving our overall health.  You will learn many handy tips to make your life easier and more productive.
Mindfulness / Sleep 
You will learn how Mindfulness is the secret key to reducing stress and overwhelm, improving your memory, focus and concentration, and the reason why SLEEP is the Swiss Army knife of good Health and Wellbeing.
You will explore strategies and tools that will assist in dealing with stress, anxiety and overwhelm and learn how creating a resilient and positive mindset will help you bounce back quicker in times of struggle.
Optimal Health
This session will incorporate a wide range of topics around your Emotional, Mental, Physical, Social, Spiritual and Financial Wellbeing including exercise, nutrition, EMF's, connection with others, 'Not Negotiables', how to create long lasting habits and so much more.
Intuitive Integrative Healing Session 
We finish the workshop with a healing session at Jo's Wellness Studio which assists with the intergration of everything you have learnt and allows for you to release old patterns, trauma and habits that are no longer serve you.  The session will also replenish and nourish you and your new intentions through energetic healing and hands-on therapies.  You will be amazed by how you feel after this Intuitive Integrative Healing session.
Let's make the start of the 2020 decade an amazing one, allowing you to kick butt and strive to achieve your visions and aspirations in life!
Limited spots available.
Introductory price of $295  (normally $395) is available until 29th February.
To book or for more information contact Jo on 0417 549218 or hello@josurkitt.com.au
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