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Intuitive Healing Meditation sessions


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Through meditation and intuitive healing techniques you will be surprised by how you can shift emotional, mental or physical behaviours or ailments that are no longer serving your higher selves.

In these two sessions we will delve into our innate healing power by tuning into ourselves through different, yet simple techniques that you can use anytime, anywhere.

The second session will be held on Monday 8th August, there are a few spots left

Session:  Monday 8th August at 7pm

In the second session we will look at how to clear, cleanse and heal your chakras through meditation and visualisation.

We will also learn movement exercises that enhance your energy and improve your clarity and focus.

We will also learn a variety of different ways we can protect ourselves from negative energies or ones that deplete us.  By learning several techniques you will find the one that best suits you.

You will have the opportunity to use crystal therapy and sound therapy in our meditations and intuitive healing practice.  We can also incorporate shell healing colour healing into our practice.

You will learn how to set up a crystal grid for your own healing and goals/visions and will be incorporating some different Oracle Cards and essences in the healing meditations.  

Previous session:  Monday 13th June 7pm

We will use special meditations and intuitive techniques that will allow you to go deep into your conscious self and find areas you would like to heal or release.  

We will also look at how Oracle cards can help you with your healing process and which type of Oracle cards resonates with you.  

We will learn breathing techniques that enhance your awareness and stillness and also use some Brain Gym techniques that help you deal with day to day pressures and stress, by using these techniques you will be able to move quicker into a relaxed and healing state.

Our group will  talk about the different ways we can use our intuitive selves when looking for answers or making decisions.

 As it is important to keep these types of sessions small spots are limited.

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