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Spring Transformation Intiative

Revitalize Lifestyle and Bexercise presents:

Spring Transformation Initiative

Balance your Yin and Yang session 

Fun ~ Balance ~ Fitness ~ Peace ~ Tranquility

Saturday 17th September       

Time: 2-5pm 

This unique initiative is like no other.  You will have the opportunity to unite MOVEMENT and STILLNESS  together in an integrative session that promotes overall mind, body and soul wellbeing.

In this session you will learn sustainable daily routines of mind and body practice designed to fit into your life.  You will learn practices and be given the confidence to make positive shifts by using simple tools and techniques that can be incorporated into both your home and work life.

This interactive 3 hour session will activate all parts of your mind, body and spirit by incorporating the following:

  • Nourishing Yoga class
  • Fitness and Cardio
  • Muscle toning and Stretching
  • Core strength exercises
  • Brain Gym
  • Gentle Movement techniques incorporating Tai Chi/Qi Gong
  • Meditation
  • Guided Visualisation

Jo Surkitt from Revitalize Lifestyle will be facilitating the YIN part of the session with meditation and visualisation and some key gentle movement techniques that aim to increase energy levels and vitality, improve circulation, reduce stress, enhance focus, improve memory and install a sense of peace, stillness and overall relaxation.


Rebecca Badgery from Bexercise will focus on the YANG with strength, fitness HIIT and stretch. Catering for all fitness levels from beginner, to post natal  and super advanced / you will feel challenged yet still totally in control of your workout

Benefits include improving functional movement and fitness, increase strength and metabolism and leave your body still burning fat 24 hrs after the completion of the session.

Saturday 17th September

Time: 2-5pm

Investment $59 EARLY BIRD Full Price $70

Location: Torquay 



Jo, owner of Revitalize Lifestyle, and has been working in the wellness industry for over 15 years. She co-owned and ran a Natural Therapies college and clinic in Melbourne, and moved to the Surf Coast ten years ago. Jo is passionate about enhancing one’s journey to wellness and loves to do this in a fun, inspiring and uplifting way and by running Women’s wellness retreats allows her to engage with a wide group of women who are also passionate about living a healthy, rewarding and enjoyable life. 

Jo has a background in Corporate Wellness, Nutrition, Massage, Meditation, Brain Gym, Gentle Movement, Medical Intuition, Reflexology, Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy, Flower Essences, Prenatal work and Reiki. She is passionate about sharing her wisdom and experience that she has gained as a practitioner, educator and mum.

An avid traveller, Jo has been to many countries learning new cultures and discovering different ways people create a healthy lifestyle; from tribes in Africa to Shaman healers in Peru through to innovative European approaches to natural medicine and wellness to loves bringing this information together and facilitating new and exciting retreats that excite your senses.


Hi I'm Beck!

I own Bexercise personal training for ladies I've been working in the wonderful world of fitness for almost 15 yrs - It makes me feel alive, happy and in control of my health - I LOVE sharing this passion with others - Now that I'm a mum of two beautiful children - aged 3 and 5 -  I've Developed Bexercise which is exercise for ladies where you can bring Your kids / I have a massive fully secure backyard custom made for kids to have fun - while the mums Train hard, have a great laugh , lose weight, create positive lifestyle changes, grow stronger - physically and emotionally and most importantly, honour your body.

We train through strength, body weight training, cardio, boxing, Metafit and HIIT - variety is key to sustainable training and amazing success with achieving your fitness and weight loss goals / I can't wait to meet you and help get you started on your health and fitness journey.


Bridget is qualified Hatha Yoga Tacher (350 Hour Diploma of Hatha Yoga) and Remedial Massage Therapist. With a deep appreciation for the mind-body connection, Bridget offers a holistic approach to both her massage clients and yoga students to guide them gently toward their desired state of being.

Bridget currently works with a large group of seniors in the Surf Coast community who, for many, have begun their yoga journey in their 70’s and 80’s. She is also looking forward to opening the doors to her home studio in Jan Juc where there will be a number of classes on offer including restorative and vinyasa flow.

‘’The joy I receive from witnessing the transformation that yoga and massage has on the body and mind is beyond words. It is such a gift to be able to lead others on this journey”.

Bridget’s yoga classes offer a safe and nurturing environment where students feel totally at ease. She draws on her own life journey as a therapist, teacher, traveller, wife and Mum to offer classes that are both fun and challenging.

Whether you have been practicing for many years, returning after a long period away or stepping on the mat for the very first time, Bridget will lead you gently, safely and intuitively through the class to leave you feeling strong and flexible in both body and mind. It is never too late to create a better version of yourself!





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