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Positive Mindset and Wellbeing Programs in Schools


Creating a Wellness Culture within the educational community from Primary, Secondary through to Tertiary.

When looking at enhancing the a positive mindset and overall wellbeing of schools we look at three different areas:

Wellness for the Whole School:

ALL students, teachers, office, support staff and parents

Wellness in the School Environment

Classroom wellness, Playgrounds etc

Wellness Programs for the Local Community who are involved with the School

This can include community groups such as Sporting clubs, Wellness programs for parents and families and/or local support groups.

What to expect?

Our programs aim to BUILD caring and supportive relationships, CREATE positive experiences, PROVIDE opportunities and ENCOURAGE participation in group activities leading to positive TEAMWORK.

Wellbeing for Groups and Individuals

These programs could involve a team of teachers or staff or a group of students of different ages or special needs.


Our programs for students assist to ENHANCE the student’s well-being in a variety of ways which aims to:

  • REDUCE feelings of anxiety, sadness, nervousness and over active behaviours PROMOTE teamwork
  • CULTIVATE a Positive (Growth) Mindset
  • INCREASE Focus and Concentration
  • BUILD self esteem
  • IMPROVE Communication
  • TEACH relaxation techniques and Mindfulness
  • LESSEN fear
  • TEACH Movement and healthy eating habits
  • PROMOTE confidence

We CREATE programs that REDUCE student absenteeism and PROMOTE motivation and excitement to learn.


Teachers Wellness programs aim to

  • BOOST team work and
  • IMPROVE staff communication, collaboration and cohesion
  • PROMOTE confidence
  • CULTIVATE a Positive (Growth) Mindset
  • INCREASE productivity
  • MINIMIZE absenteeism
  • ENHANCE motivation
  • REDUCE stress & anxiety
  • BUILD resilience
  • ENHANCE focus and concentration
  • FACILITATE movement and stretch 
  • TEACH Healthy eating to create a healthy mind and body


Staff and Student  Workshops and Activities include:

  • Mindfulness and Meditation for Staff (improving concentration, focus and meditation and reducing stress and tension)
  • Mindfulness and Meditation for Kids through Storytime and Visualisation.
  • Relaxing techniques (gentle exercise and breathing techniques)
  • Team Building/Staff Engagement sessions
  • Positive Psychology
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Combat Burnout and Stress in the School
  • Tai chi/ Chi Kung
  • Hula Hooping
  • Work Integration: Integrating Work Load so it works well with your HOME life
  • Brain Gym exercises for improving concentration and responsiveness; reducing fatigue and stress
  • Effective Teamwork
  • Managing Stress and Building Resilience (Encouraging efficient work practice and eliminate burn out)
  • Art Therapy – Creative Drawing
  • Creative Writing
  • Healthy Food, Healthy and Happy Kids (Preparing healthy foods for student’s lunches and snacks)
  • Healthy thoughts = Healthy Mind and Body
  • Verbal First Aid
  • Dance workshops
  • Yoga
  • Laughter = Healthy self (laughter workshop)
  • 'I like to Move it' Movement Programs

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