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Restorative Fusion

Rarely does a client come for just one thing and Jo has always customized her sessions on each clients needs and through her own intuition, therefore she uses a range of different techniques in a session.

Jo decided it was time to name this type of 'Intuitive' treatment and hence 'Revitalize Restorative Fusion' was born.  Jo's sessions aim to create balance in the Mind/Body Intelligence. These sessions can include a range of techniques including different forms of Massage (including Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Tui Na Chinese, Hot Stones and Indian Head Massage to name a few), Reflexology, Medical Intuition,  Reiki, Nutrition, EFT Tapping, Meditation, Brain Gym, Immune Boosting techniques, Auricular therapy, Sound Healing, Colour therapy,Meditation, Crystal therapym Qi Gong, Flower Essences and Lifestyle & Wellness tools and lots more.  These sessions are unique for each person and incorporate the full wholistic approach.  After a session your mind, body and spirit will be rejuvenated.


Please contact us on revitalizehealth@bigpond.com or 0417 549218 for more information or to book.

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