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Positive Psychology

We all want work to be a positive and engaging experience. Who doesn’t dream of waking up on a Monday wanting to go to work?

Positive Psychology has shown how positive emotions are linked with numerous benefits including improved health, wellbeing, longevity, and a greater quality of life. On the flip side anger, anxiety, depression, and worry are related to poor health outcomes.  We spend half of our waking hours at work organizations are acknowledging if we improve our mindset and psychological thoughts and behaviours will improve:



Employee Engagement

Conflict Resolution

Creative Thinking

Our genes are responsible for about 50% of our happiness levels, our actions and attitudes account for 40% or our happiness. So if our choices and attitudes have a significant impact in our happiness, how do we cultivate and maintain a state of positivity and well-being in the workplace?

If employees are happy with their job and workplace, feel valued, have great relationships with their managers and colleagues and feel physically, emotionally and emotionally well:

The employees will:

  • Feel excited to come to work
  • Motivated and inspired to be successful
  • More productive
  • Have a sense of loyalty to their organization that cares about them
  • Set higher goals to achieve
  • Be inspired and overall HAPPY.
  • Ultimately, they will THRIVE in their job

Our innovative and interactive sessions will demonstrate how we can create a positive mindset through activities, demonstrations and fun interactions.  Your team will have the opportunities to show their strengths, work in a team to build better employee relationships and learn how they can change and balance their own emotions in all sorts of circumstances, whether in stress, challenging situations, busy periods or personal matters that may affect their work and relationships.

Our aim at Revitalize Lifestyle is to create a thriving team that will have the tools and techniques to continually feel motivated, focused, happy, inspired and productive in the workplace.

For more information or to book email: revitalizehealth@bigpond.com or call Jo on 0417549218

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