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Mindfulness sessions


Workplaces today face increasing demands and challenges. High stress levels may result in decreased effectiveness, creativity, and efficiency in employees as well as low workplace morale. Combined, these factors may lead to decreased productivity, increased employee absenteeism, burnout, anxiety and in some cases depression.

Mindfulness is being integrated into many workplaces, as it allows staff to learn how to manage their stress and anxiety and promotes employee self-care. Additional benefits may include improving focus, clarity and creativity, promoting clear and constructive communication, enhancing workplace relationships and increased productivity. An overall healthier and happy workplace.

In our mindfulness sessions, we do a range of techniques which suit everyone.  We take Mindful walks, we do Mindful meditation, we demonstrate Mindful eating and we do a range of techniques that will help calm the mind and body but will improve your overall health.  The most important part of the sessions is we perform many tools and techniques which you can use in your workplace and at home at any time.

For a range of Mindfulness programs contact us on revitalizehealth@bigpond.com or on 0417549218.

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