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Emotional Intelligence for better relationships

Emotional Intelligence is using our emotions in a positive and intelligent manner.

Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ) supports our ability to work well with others, manage stress and make effective decisions.

Modern research into neuroscience has changed the way we think about emotions.

Science tells us that emotions play a far greater role in determining business outcomes than many leaders and managers realise. They guide our thinking and behaviour—what we think, how we think, how we make decisions and how we act on them.

Even when we’ve made a rational decision, chances are our emotions made it first. We then establish reasons to justify our gut reaction. Emotions contain data about ourselves, other people and the world around us. They are critical to our survival. Remaining open to feelings gives us valuable early data points that help us think and act more intelligently.

Learning to perceive, use, understand and manage emotions intelligently enables us to make better choices, manage stress, work well with others and perform at our best. By increasing our emotional intelligence, we can respond effectively, rather than reactively, to achieve more positive outcomes for ourselves and the people around us.

Emotional intelligence is a vital tool in business today.  71% of hiring managers believe Emotional Intelligence is more important than IQ.  By understanding the science behind emotional intelligence and how to accurately assess, predict and develop emotional intelligence in yourself and your employees, businesses can take a far more targeted approach to selecting and developing people.  Organizations are finding their productivity is increased, their employee engagement is high and their staff are happier and more focused and creative.

 Our sessions are innovative, fun and interactive where we learn and practice a range of tools, techniques and structures that be adapted immediately into your business.  As a leader or manager you will find it essential when hiring new staff and the ongoing managing of your team. EQ will also improve both your own and your staff’s mental health, resilience, stress levels, productivity and engagement.  The best part is it will not only change your working life it will make your home life even more positive, fun and easy.

We also tailor the sessions for your particular workplace so you get the most out of the workshop.



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