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Five Senses Meditation Journey

Explore the 5 senses through meditation, in a transformative guided session that will transport you to another world.

This fully immersive journey will take you around the globe, to another
place andtime, in a meditation experience like no other.

Imagine vicariously visiting different cultures and countries from the
comfort of your yoga mat; your senses will be tantalised by exotic scents, amazing sounds, exquisite tastes and stimulating touch through acupressure and energetic healing which will evoke amazing visuals in your mind.

This magic session will ignite your spark and create new neural pathways
allowing you to release and clear old patterns, thoughts and behaviours,
making way for the new life you wish to live.

Prepare to experience something unique, rare and truly memorable with
Jo Surkitt; , who will guide you into another world, another place, another time.
Session will include some exotic tastes, scents and gentle accupressure.
When: Tuesday 26th November 7pm for welcome and 7.15pm concludes at 8.30pm
Where: 16 Price st Torquay 
What to bring: Yoga mat (but can also be supplied), pillow, blanket, water bottle, comfortable clothes
Cost $35
 Limited spots for this unique event.


     Jo Surkitt Meditation   
Enjoy the scent of ancient times!
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