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Want to feel more energized and less overwhelmed this festive season?

Posted on December 06, 2019 by Revitalize Lifestyle
How to feel less overwhelmed and be mindful of our self-care this festive season.
We are in December and the festive season has definitely kicked into full swing!
My top tips to reduce the overwhelm of the festive season:
1. Make practical lists of what needs to be achieved and completed. Tick them off once they are done✔️
2. Don’t say YES to every Christmas party or gathering. Choose the ones that you really want to go to and ones you can fit in comfortably without racing around. Often we find we are hurrying between 2-3 events on the same day and feel we didn’t spend quality time at any of them.
3. Stay hydrated, keep a water bottle handy. Regular water intake will help with your clarity, focus and energy levels (also great for your memory).
4. Choose your food and beverages wisely. The festive food and drinks are delicious but you may choose to eat less or not to eat that special cake at every function. I will be sharing some healthy mocktails in the coming days.
5. Attempt to get a few early nights to bed.
6. If you write Christmas cards, write a couple a night so it doesn’t end up being a chore.
7. Keep up with your exercise and movement. Your body, gut and mind will thank you. The busier we get often the less exercise we do, our gut and metabolism gets sluggish from all the extra treats and our minds are busy. Exercise will help you physically, mentally and emotionally. Dancing is a good festive exercise.
8. Listen to Christmas songs. They always lift your spirit and they are fun to listen too. My favs are: Happy Christmas (John Lennon), Last Christmas (Wham), Feed the World (Band aid), All I want for Christmas is You (Mariah Carey) and I love all the 1940’s & 50’s ones with Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and of course the traditional ones are fun with the kids!
9. Watch a fun Christmas movie. I always get a laugh and often a tear from: Love Actually, Elf, National Lampoons, Polar Express and last year our family enjoyed The Christmas Chronicles.
10. Take a few mindful moments for meditation or quiet contemplation.
11. Take some time to think about who and what you are grateful for. What simple ways can you show your gratitude to those you love or have helped you.
12. Find ways you can Pay it Forward with kindness gestures over the festive season. Our kids love this. They decide on different kindness acts they will do and sometimes it’s just a spur of the moment thing.
13. Enjoy precious time with your loved ones, ‘being PRESENT’ with them is so much better than giving presents.  Or if you are gift giving, shop local when possible, make a present or give an experience as a gift.
Happy festive season everyone!  Stay safe!
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