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Posted on December 01, 2015 by Revitalize Lifestyle

Written for the RUBY Magazine

Gone are the days when a holiday meant a week of doing nothing, battling Europeans for sunbeds or traipsing around an unknown city. Now, we have options. We can indulge in a yoga retreat, climb Everest, discover meditation, come back with a boob job or begin the next Great Australian Novel.


In other words, we’re all fed up of working 48 weeks of the year only to waste the other four. Now, the creatives among us can take our pick from textiles workshops in Peru or painting lessons in Paris, acting classes in New York or a ceramics course in Scotland. The fitness nuts and adrenaline junkies can choose between cycling through Tuscany, rock-climbing in Alaska, blackwater rafting in Rotorua or sky diving in Turkey. Food fan? You can indulge those cravings on a French patisserie course, experiment with beer making in Dublin or learn about spices in Mumbai. And for Wellness retreats, they are every where to suit anyone, popular places include Bali and Thailand for Yoga and Meditation, the Maldives and Queensland for the top to tail in wellbeing or the newly popular F&%K it retreats in Italy.


The world is our oyster, and many of us are opting to spend our holidays indulging our wellness habits. As a result, Wellness Tourism is becoming one of the fastest growing sectors in the global travel industry. Closer to home, Australia’s health and wellness sector has grown by nearly 5% year on year since 2010, and now generates more than AUS$387 million a year according to IBIS World. And that’s before we’ve even covered medical tourism, which includes everything from dental work to cosmetic surgery, and is a field that’s getting more popular by the day.


And why not? Our daily lives are dominated by fast food, stressful jobs, air conditioned offices and long commutes. Investing time and energy in the things that excite us makes it all worthwhile. These little travel successes help keep us charged. They remind us to stay true to ourselves and make sure we remember just how important it is to live for our passions – even if we only do it a couple of times a year.

Written by Jo Surkitt

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