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Dancing improves my memory, reduces pain as well as keeping me fit? How??

Posted on October 07, 2015 by Revitalize Lifestyle


Dancing is an excellent form of exercise, it not only lifts your heart rate to improve your cardio health, it burns calories, strengthens muscles and contributes to an overall sense of happiness.  HAPPINESS = WELLBEING  (the Oxford dictionary definition of Wellbeing is ‘The state of being comfortable or happy’).

Although, all exercise releases endorphin's, dancing has an enhanced positive effect on our overall health, it not only has the benefit of physical activity, good music has a powerful effect on our mind reducing anxiety, stress and imbalance.
Endorphin's are released when the body exerts itself at a certain level. They give the body a “high” which occurs in activities such as running and dancing.  The endorphin's not only boost your mood  (you are usually already having fun while you dance, otherwise you would stop) they also act as a natural painkiller which reduces pain in the body as well as reducing physical, emotional and mental stress. 

When dancing, there is often smiling and lots of laughter which also enhances your overall health and boosts your immunity.  A smile and laughter releases endorphin,s it's no wonder you feel awesome after a good boogie.

Dancing can improve your memory, especially when you are learning or following a dance routine as it is training your mind like anything else which improves concentration, focus and memory retention (like learning a language or doing Sudoku).

Since dancing has so many positives I thought about what sort of music do we like dancing to and many of us like those 60’s, 70’s and 80’s dance tunes and moves. We are lucky enough to have Cathy from the well known Cathy’s Crazed Institute of Go Disco coming to Torquay to remind us of those cool moves we learnt so many years back.  You will be dancing and jiving while having the most fun you have had in ages.  Click here to book this awesome Disco class

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